Nude Facesitting

Nude girls sitting on male faces

Mistress Laura wanted to show off her hot pussy and she did. She got this guy to think that she wanted to fuck him but in real sense, all that she wanted was to make him drink her pee and to choke him. So the mistress used her teasing to get him to let her facesit on him. In addition, she also farted on him before she let him go.

Princess Araya wanted to show this guy that she was not a pushover and that she had a reason to dominate as well as humiliate him. He was condescending to the mistress and that is why the mistress had to find a way to deal with the guy. She chose to facesit on him while nude and in the process, the mistress went ahead to choke him and also to pee on him.

When this mistress was angered by her friend, she had to punish her and she did it while naked. She facesat on her friend while nude and she rubbed her pussy and ass on her face until she orgasmed. She was so wet and her pussy juices fell on her friend's face and she was also turned on and that is what led to them having girl on girl action for the first time.

Mistress Maryan had always looked forward to nude facesitting but she did not know how to bring it up with her boyfriend. As she pondered how to do it, he came home drunk today and she knew she had gotten the chance she was looking for. That is when the mistress facesat on him while naked and she enjoyed dominating him knowing that he would not remember what had happened.

Mistress Chelsea has a hot ass and she knows it. Today she used her bare ass to facesit this guy. She was doing it for herself and for him too as she knew he had a thing for it. She rubbed her pussy and her ass on his face and had him smell her pussy and her ass. He was turned on and he came without her doing anything else to him.

Lady Morgana and her friend lady Hanna had this guy lie down and they facesat on him while nude. They farted on the guy and he had to endure it. Next the mistresses chose to trample the guy and when they were done, the mistresses choked him until he peed his pants. He was humiliated and in pain but the mistresses did not care as he had to be punished.

This mistress wanted favors from this guy but she did not know how to get them. And then a thought occurred to her that she could actually use her hot body to turn on the guy and control him. So she did it and she facesat him while nude and got him to cum without fucking him. And that is how she got him to do some favors for her.

This goddess wanted this slut to stop messing with her man. She seemed to have a thing for the mistress's man and she had gotten wind of it. So she put an end to her schemes by forcing her to lick her ass and even making her eat her shit and smell her farts. The mistress smeared her shit all over ass and the slut had to lick her ass clean.

This mistress wanted to facesit on this guy and she knew that her best chance was to tease him and turn him on after which she would control him. And that is what she did. She had a great time teasing him and she even showed him her shaved pussy and he fell for her trap. She facesat him while nude and when she was done, she asked him to leave.

Goddess Gloria woke up feeling horny and as she got ready to go to work, she saw her boyfriend sleeping peacefully and she got hornier and felt she had to disturb his peace. She removed her thong and she went and rode his face and pressed her pussy against his face and she got wet and wet as he responded and licked it until she could not hold on any longer and she slid his hard cock in her wet pussy riding it until they climaxed together.

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