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It started out with mistress Natalia wanting to punish this guy for doing things she did not approve of. She was using nude facesitting for her punishment but as she went on with it, the guy used some sneaky tactics to touch her in places that led to her being turned on and that is how she got him to lick her ass and her pussy instead of facesitting him.

Mistress Julia was facesitting on this guy as punishment when her clit touched his head and she became horny. She forgot what she was doing and she started playing with her pussy, her clit and even fingering herself. It got heated and it got wild and nasty as she forgot what she had been doing to her slave. Her slave enjoyed the show and thanked his lucky stars for what was happening.

Mistress Gaia felt that this guy needed to be punished and since she wanted it to be a punishment that was worth it, she chose to use her naked ass. She used nude facesitting to do it and it worked as he was shocked, humiliated and choked at the same time. He knew she was capable of doing unspeakable things to him and so he changed to avoid pissing her off.

Mistress Madison wanted to facesit and punish this slave but she also wanted to have fun. She had caught him jerking off while naked and she was turned on although she did not like what he did. She also could not fuck him so she resorted to punish him with nude facesitting. She facesat on him and choked him but she also rubbed her clit and pussy on his face and came.

This mistress wanted to punish this slave but she was also horny and the slave could tell. Since she liked to facesit as punishment, the slave loved it when she did it to him while naked. She wanted to make it more humiliating but he turned it around and made her cum as she ate her pussy and her ass and the mistress loved it so much and she forgave him.

Princess Brooke loves to try all kinds of things sexually and today she wanted to try something. She wanted to try nude facesitting and she did it as part of foreplay. The guy was uncomfortable at first as she did it with her ass and her pussy and he could not breathe properly but as she went on, it became more and more fun and they had a great time.

Mistress Katy wanted to try facesitting while nude and she did not hesitate to do it when she found a loser to do it to. The mistress undressed and she facesat the guy. He thought it was foreplay but she did not do anything else other than rub her ass and pussy on his face until she came. Then she sent him away as she had had fun and that was all she wanted.

Lady Goldie felt that she needed more than her husband was providing. So she went to the internet and she got a guy. She was honest and she told him that she did not want anything long term and was only looking for a fling. The guy agreed and they set up a sex date. On the material day, the guy taught her about nude facesitting and did things she had never heard about.

Mistress Kristina wanted to have one final fuck with her man. She chose to do it in a different manner. She went all out and made it the best fuck of her and his life. She facesat on him and enjoyed forcing him to eat her pussy. She unleashed her wild side and they both had an amazing time. And when it was all done, she told him it was over between them.

Mistress Elena loves to enjoy herself any chance she gets. The mistress wanted to try something she had never done before. She wanted to try fucking a married man. She wanted to understand how different that was from fucking single men. So she facesat on one and much as the sex was good, what made it different for her was the fact that it felt wrong and the allure of the forbidden fruit.

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