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Big Boned Jeanine loves getting her pussy eaten. The only thing she loves more is when she gets to sit on a guys face when he does it. Watch Jeanine have a little fun with her slaves penis to get her in the mood. Then watch as he goes to town on that giant pussy. Slurping the whole thing up. He does such a good job that Jeanine fucks his brains out.

Watch this Big Boned Mistress defile her dirty slave. She puts him right in his place. She tramples him ignoring any of his screams of pain. She makes sure to use her full weight to inflict maximum pain. When that's not enough she sticks her big hand right up his little asshole. His treat for being a good slave is her big pussy right on his face. Watch him eat every inch of it.

Goddess Gloria is a hot young brunette mistress who dominates her lucky slave with nude facesitting. She takes off her panties and presses her full weight down on his face. Her bare pussy and ass spread over his face until he can't breathe. He smothers under her naked crotch and he loves every bit of it. You would love it too if Gloria's pussy was in your face. She looks so sweet and supple.

This Asian mistress just had a hard day at work so she relaxes by dominating her slave who has been waiting for her. She makes him worship her pretty bare feet by licking off all the sweat and puts him through brutal naked facesitting. She smothers him with her pussy, but she continues her brutal domination to unwind after a long day on the job and there is nothing he can do but take it.

Slave Bodo will do anything to be close to his mistress Lady Bardot. He lies in the floor while she makes him lick her high heel boots then makes him worship her sweaty bare feet. She continues the humiliation with trampling and facestanding and finally makes him lie on the couch for some brutal facesitting. This is Lady Bardot's favorite way to pass the time because she loves dominating her slave.

Mistress Hanna is a stunning brunette mistress wearing only a pair of black and pink panties a she shows off her perky tits and her sexy body while sitting on her loser slaves face and using him as a human cushion. This sexy mistress sits on her slaves face and smothering him with her pussy shoving her nose deep into her wet pussy so that he can not breathe any fresh air at all.

Mistress Hanna is a stunning mistress with short brunette hair and she is wearing a black fishnet body suit as she makes her loser slave be her human cushion and sits on his face. She has her almost naked ass and pussy over hsi face and she smothers him completely with her full weight and her sexy body as he begs for more fresh air. She completely ignores his pleas and then keeps sitting on his face using him as her cushion.

This sexy girl slave is sleeping on the bed and she wakes up completely naked and tied up with her hands and feet bonded together so she can not move or resist her mistresses facesitting session. Mistress Alice is standing above her slave and is also completely naked. She takes her ass and pussy and uses them to smother her girl slave with them and does not let her have any fresh air at all.

Mistress Hanna is a stunning mistress wearing a pair of pink and black panties as she sits on her slaves face and smothering him with her full weight and her sexy ass. She sits on top of him and uses him as a human seat cushion with his nose and mouth covered with her ass and pussy. This sexy mistress shows her slave no mercy as she sits on him for a long time and does not let him have any fresh air.

Mistress Aileen Taylor is a stunning mistress who is wearing her sexiest red and black lingerie as she has some fun humiliating her loser slave. She has him laying on the floor on his back and she is sitting on his face with her full weight sitting on his face. She makes him shove his nose deep into her ass and pussy as she smothers him and does not let him have any fresh air.

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